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will this setup work
11/01/16 at 05:08:43
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  i was told when i bought it the engine was rebuilt fairly recently.  it does have flat tops in it(used a borescope)  stock heads and fuel system. after many hours of reading i am thinking of afr 3610 heads, edelbrock performer rpm intake, and big bore tbi. comp 260hr cam.   i dont know anything about tuning, so i was going to use harris performance chips, and mod the ecm.  has anyone run a setup like this before? also need some suggestions for headers that wont break the bank in half.  does have dual 2.5" now.     stage 2 shift kit turbo 400    3:73 gears

kinda want to work with tbi if i can.  not looking for the most power but a hp/cube would definitley be fun
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Re: will this setup work
Reply #1 - 11/15/16 at 04:14:43
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I'm not the most knowledgeable source here. I'll assume that you do not have to smog the vehicle. That said, here is what I think I understand:

I believe that your stated goal of 450 hp is reasonable.  Pretty sure some of these guys do it with the OE TBI and firmware mods. This is dark magic I don't understand.

A low compression ratio is the Achilles heal of these trucks. If the AFR chambers are larger, you may be going backwards. Same with the cam -more duration may bleed off cranking pressure.

If I had a basket of money, I would bump the compression to 10-1, get a modern roller cam, aluminum (resist detonation) performance heads and intake, decent exhaust and one of those new high-tech EFI set ups that has the brains to calibrate itself.

Or, put a supercharger on the low compression, small-port stock motor.

After that, an overdrive would be really nice.

Basket empty...
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